Site Prep; an Essential Step

Tri-cities WA

Building a new home is big step that is exciting and fun!

Most people only build once or twice in their lifetime…Take your time and do your research.

On most weekends I look at new homes and available building lots. One area that I have discussed before is the orientation of the home on the lot. Many times this step is over looked.

Every building lot and every house plan has advantages and disadvantages, that absolutely need to be taken into consideration if the house is going to be as energy efficient as possible. House plans are designed with computers, so they can easily be changed/adjusted to optimally fit the lot of your choosing.


A Lost Opportunity

The other day I was looking at a home that was in the framing stages. The lot has a spectacular view to the north, prevailing winds from the southwest. The builder(or home owner) took a stock set of plans and put the home on the lot. The three care garage blocks almost 90% of the view. What a lost opportunity for the home owner and resale!!

They could have placed the garage on the west side blocking the wind (creating a nice private patio), increased the energy efficiency of their home, and had a fantastic view.

Do your Own Site Prep:

1. Stand on your lot and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the most important aspect of my lot to me?
    • Is there a view?
    • How close to the road in the front of your house?
    • Is there a large backyard?
    • What do you want to be able to see from the windows of each room?
    • Which way does your lot sit…thinking about sun exposure and different times of day?
  • Now, how can I orient my house to make sure I achieve what is most important to me?

For example, when we started the design of the Brady house, we knew right away that one of the most important aspects of our lot would be the view…we oriented the house so that there is a view of the Tri-Cities from every room of the house. Also, always keeping energy efficiency in mind, we considered sun and wind exposure and how to both capitalize and minimize the effect of these.

With a little effort you can get the most out of your house and your lot.

Don’t let this step get past you, take your time. You will be very happy you did.

Take Care,