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Easton Construction Home Builders

Building an Energy Efficient Home

It is all about the “Shell”: Building an Energy Efficient Home Many of us who like to play in the beautiful outdoors like to wear a wind and waterproof shell to keep us warm in inclement weather. This thinking can be applied to one of the key ideals to building an Energy Efficient Home. The more attention paid to…

Beautiful New Home being Built in Inspiration Estates

This beautiful, Sun-tempered home is one of a kind, designed to fit a multitude of lifestyles (click to view plans). You are going to love this home. It was designed using a team of other builders, architects, home owners, electricians, plumbers, realtors and interior designers. We all have various ways we enjoy life and appreciate style,…

Easton Construction Home Builders

Healthy Home; Happy Home

The weather during the spring in the Tri-Cities can be outstanding. It also can have its challenges; wind (dust), rain, high pollen counts, etc.  To control the indoor health, cleanliness, and climate in our homes we take into consideration: design, location on the lot, framing, sealants, exterior insulation, and every possible penetration in the building…

Designing for a Lifestyle: Making a Young Couple’s Dream Home a Reality

For the young, and active couple who were looking to start a family, it was Design, Design, Design, with extra attention to the energy efficiency. They wanted a home that they could start and raise a family in. One with large open social spaces, allowing for a flow of communication regardless of whether they were…

Easton Construction Home Builders

Energy Efficient Home Building

In the Tri-Cities area we are known for our hot summers. There is truth to this reputation, our AC units work hard to cool our homes during the summer months. But the reality is that more often the heating days in a Mid-Columbia home are higher than cooling days. Regardless of which is higher, we…

Easton Construction Home Builders

Home Building for Lifestyle Transitions

There are many transitions/phases that life takes us through, and for this retired couple it was moving out of the home that they had raised a family in and building a new one to match their changing lifestyle. The unique challenge for this build was that the new home needed to be built on the…

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Dan is one of the few General Contractors in the Tri-City area who has used ICFs to build a home. His expertise with this product allows him to not only create a beautiful home with ICF walls, but to also to accurately estimate how many ICF forms are needed, thus eliminating extra costs and excessive…

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for Energy Efficient Homes

Another way of framing Dan uses that is highly Energy Efficient  and becoming increasingly popular is the use of SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels. These are factory made panels that are already filled with foam insulation, which makes for a very tight building envelop for your finished home: SIPs homes are:  66% more energy efficient…

Easton Construction Home Builders

Solving New Home Issues: Ensuring Peak Performance

Life in the Brady Home. As with any new home, there have been some issues. One area that has been of concern has been our second energy bill from the Public Utility District (PUD). In previous posts I have discussed how this Energy Efficient Home was designed; including the very tight building envelope, and three…