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Universal Design: Building the “Forever” Home

“We cannot predict the future, but through the incorporation of universal design, we make be able to invent the future of home building.” -Manny Gonzalez, Professional Builder Magazine A home that is universally designed, takes all ages and abilities into account. It creates a home that is easy and convenient to live in. Universal design,…

5 Ways to Create Privacy in Small Backyards

As the Tri-City, WA area continues to expand and the prevalence and popularity of high-density living increases there is a much higher need to create outdoor private spaces to entertain and to relax…without feeling like the neighborhood is peering in. When building our custom homes we always encourage our clients to consider the landscaping in…

Defining Space in Open Concept Homes

The most common thing we hear from our customers is that they want a home that is open, where people can be “together” even if they are in another room. This has moved the building/design industry into an era of less walls, entry ways opening up into living rooms, that are connected to an open…

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Building Healthy Homes

Good health is something we all want. Consumers spend millions of dollars on keeping healthy. We want this for ourselves and our families. The home is one of the largest investments of our lifetime. We spend the highest percentage of our lifetime in doors. A strong, beautiful home that keeps the elements out and our…

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Site Prep; an Essential Step

Building a new home is big step that is exciting and fun! Most people only build once or twice in their lifetime…Take your time and do your research. On most weekends I look at new homes and available building lots. One area that I have discussed before is the orientation of the home on the…

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Healthy Home Maintenance: Changing the Filters

During the winter months in the Tri-Cities we spend hours inside of our homes cooking, enjoying family and friends.  We also keep our homes closed up because it’s cold outside! This is a great time to do some inside maintenance work on your home. As we are all experiencing, the outside air quality is not what it should be,…

Keeping the Cold Out and the Warm In

The weather has turned cold for the past week and the  Brady home is doing very well. One of the big areas that many of our friends have noticed is lack of air drafts. Many times when you are sitting around reading, watching TV or lounging you feel drafts and your heating system is consistently…

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Healthy Home Maintenance

Healthy Home Maintenance Life in the Brady Home. As with any new home, there have been some issues. One area that has been of concern has been our second energy bill from the Public Utility District (PUD). In previous posts I have discussed how this Energy Efficient Home was designed; including the very tight building…

Energy Efficient Living in the Brady Home

Our entry in the 2013 Tri-City Parade of Homes (The Brady Home) which achieved very high energy scores: 1.7 blower door test, the tightest home the evaluator has ever tested– he tested it twice, and it still came out with the same score. A HERS rating of below 40, which exceeds Energy Star by requirements…

Lisa Brouwer-Thompson: Artist

Lisa Brouwer-Thompson The Naked Wall The building and the making of a house is an art form in itself. Creating lines and movement in each wall, surface, and material used…which all have to lend themselves to different lifestyles and stages of life. But to change a house into a home, there has to be art.…

2013 Parade of Homes

  2013 Parade of Homes Home #26 Inspiration Estates Thank you to all of the people who have come out and seen the “Brady” Home!! The first weekend of the Parade of Homes was AWESOME and we throughly enjoyed sharing this home with you!! If you were unable to get out this weekend there is…

JR Vogtman; Architectural Drafting and Design

JR Vogtman Owner: V3 Drafting and Design A Home with a VIEW! Stepping onto the lot for the first time, there was no doubt in JR’s mind what was going to be the focus of this design…the VIEW. The lot is situated atop Inspiration Estates and has a view of most of the Tri-Cities. With…