The weather has turned cold for the past week and the  Brady home is doing very well. One of the big areas that many of our friends have noticed is lack of air drafts. Many times when you are sitting around reading, watching TV or lounging you feel drafts and your heating system is consistently running. This is not the case in the Brady Home. It feels warm even though we keep the temperature at 68 degrees. No drafts; the only air moving is the fresh air in and throughout our Energy Recovery Systems (ERVs).


A well built home using the current building science techniques is comfortable and quiet to live in.


If you are interested in learning more about making your home or building energy efficient, check out Energy Star’s website. It is full of information that is very helpful in improving your home or in the planning of a new one.


The local PUDs also have many great energy saving ideas and many times also have incentive programs that will help with improving the energy efficiency of your home.


Give me a call (509-528-2932) and together we can achieve your energy efficient home needs!


Take Care, Dan