Easton Construction Home Builders

There are many transitions/phases that life takes us through, and for this retired couple it was moving out of the home that they had raised a family in and building a new one to match their changing lifestyle. The unique challenge for this build was that the new home needed to be built on the same property as the family home. Their grown son and his family were moving into that one and they wanted to be right there to be an integral part of their grandchildren’s lives.

  • The lot overlooked the Snake River and had a pool in the backyard that they wanted their home to open up to. With their design ideas and needs we set to work on a plan to create them a home that would perfectly fit the next phase of their lives. Some of the key design features of the home are:
  • All hallways and doors are three feet wide to accommodate any mobility issues that may arise in the future.
  • All thresholds in the entryways and bathing areas have an extremely low profile.
  • We orientated the home so that from many of the rooms, there is a beautiful view of the Snake River.
  • In the back of the home there is a large sliding-glass door that creates easy access and flow into the pool area and outdoor living space.
  • For creature comfort we installed radiant floor heat in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Also in the design there was an incredible office space where there was careful attention to electrical needs (lighting and clean power) and cabinet design to maximize the storage space and convince of the users.

The couple was also very interested in having an energy efficient home that would save them money and keep them comfortable throughout our four seasons. The main energy efficient components of this home are:

  • Raise Heel Trusses with added insulation
  • The use of the blown blanket insulation system, R-value over R-25, in all of the exterior walls and ceilings
  • Installed an Energy Recovery Ventilator, that would bring in fresh air while removing the stale air

With the completion of this home we and the new owners could not have been happier. It was just what they had envisioned. It was our pleasure to create something that will allow them to enjoy their retirement while being a daily part of their grandchildren’s lives.