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During the winter months in the Tri-Cities we spend hours inside of our homes cooking, enjoying family and friends.  We also keep our homes closed up because it’s cold outside! This is a great time to do some inside maintenance work on your home. As we are all experiencing, the outside air quality is not what it should be, so to keep the inside air as fresh as possible and keep our furnaces functioning at peak performance you need to keep clean air filters.

Furnace filters should be changed at least three times a year (locations of filters sometimes they are in your cold air returns up in your ceilings and others are where your furnace is located and sometimes both places). Be sure to buy the correct size, the numbers are on the side of the filter.

Home Depot and Lowes usually have what you need.

Along with that check out the vacuum cleaner and replace that old bag. You can improve your health and the health of others by cleaning and replacing filters. You will also improve the energy efficiency of your furnace.


Take Care