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It is all about the “Shell”: Building an Energy Efficient Home

Many of us who like to play in the beautiful outdoors like to wear a wind and waterproof shell to keep us warm in inclement weather. This thinking can be applied to one of the key ideals to building an Energy Efficient Home. The more attention paid to the shell or Envelope of the home, the more efficient the home will perform.

The Positive Effects are many:

  • A stronger framed home: more time is taken in nailing, gluing and caulking of all connections. Thus eliminating cracks where outside air can seep into your home.
  • The home is cleaner inside: less dust, pollen and basically anything Mother Nature can try to force into your home, will NOT get in.
  • The atmosphere (air) inside of the Envelope is controlled by introducing filtered fresh air and exhausting stall air. So there is always fresh, clean air circulating throughout your home.

Resulting in a beautiful home that is healthy, efficient, and comfortable to live in.