Easton Custom Home Built Sun-Tempered

Rendering of the “Brady” Home

JR Vogtman

Owner: V3 Drafting and Design

A Home with a VIEW!

Stepping onto the lot for the first time, there was no doubt in JR’s mind what was going to beCableBridgeView the focus of this design…the VIEW. The lot is situated atop Inspiration Estates and has a view of most of the Tri-Cities. With that in mind he set to work designing a house, where every room in the house has a view…pretty impressive!

But he didn’t stop there. With Frank Lloyd Wright as inspiration he designed a Prairie Style home; characterized by a shallow roof and long overhangs that help it to blend into the natural landscape of the surrounding hills.

Main floor PlansThe Master Suite has two large windows and access to the front porch which all look out over the Tri-Cities, a large bathroom that boasts of an impressive closet space, a soaking tub, double vanity, separate toilet room, and luxurious walk-in shower.

One of the unique features of this designLower Floor Plans is the bottom, oversized, one-car garage. This garage has the ability to function as many different things. It is right off of the street, and with it’s added depth, it is perfect for a boat. If the mother-n-law moves in, she will have her own garage, not to mention a private and large downstairs space with two bedrooms, direct access to the outside, bathroom and living room. For the DYI family members, the garage is large enough to be a shop where “to-do” list can be completed.

Staying in-line with our dedication to Green Building:

  • There is no wasted space in the floor plan. The hallways are short, allowing for larger rooms and more storage space. This also opens the home up and creates a flow from one room to the next.
  • The height of the roof allows for more insulation, increasing the energy efficiency of the home and decreasing heating and cooling costs.
  • Long overhangs = more shade and less direct sunlight entering the home.
  • With the presence of triple-glazed windows, the home is filled with natural light.
  • The building envelope was designed to be incredibly tight, reducing the penetration of outside air into the home.