Building Healthy Homes

Easton Construction Home Builders

Good health is something we all want. Consumers spend millions of dollars on keeping healthy. We want this for ourselves and our families.

The home is one of the largest investments of our lifetime. We spend the highest percentage of our lifetime in doors. A strong, beautiful home that keeps the elements out and our families safe, is what we all want.

Today our homes are built tighter keeping more of the outside air out and the inside air in. The homes Easton Construction build exceed the highest Energy Star rating by 50%, they are very tight, letting very little air in or out.


How do we create a healthy home environment?

It starts at the beginning of the building process:

Tight Envelope– Keeping pollens and dust out

▪        Fresh air in through HEPA Air Filters and exhaust stale out.

Materials used in the construction of the home

▪        Reduce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds):

▪       Paints
▪       Glues
▪       Cabinets coatings
▪       Carpets/Carpet Pad
▪       Flooring
▪       Insulation
▪       Framing Materials

And this is just the beginning…the attention paid to making your home as healthy as possible continues throughout the entire building process.

Healthy, Efficient, Strong, Beautiful Homes– Easton Construction Goal #1

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