Lisa Brouwer-Thompson

The Naked Wall

MasterBedroomThe building and the making of a house is an art form in itself. Creating lines and movement in each wall, surface, and material used…which all have to lend themselves to different lifestyles and stages of life.

But to change a house into a home, there has to be art. What people put on the walls of their home is a direct reflection of who they are and how they want others to see them and feel in their home. If the architectural features of the home are considered to be the “bones”, then I would venture to say that the art of the home is the “soul”.

The art displayed in each home is, and has to be, as unique as the people who live there. In talking withLaundry Lisa it was not a surprise that she draws the inspirations for each of her paintings from her clients. She says that, “she listens to what they love, what makes them happy, and what ultimately they would like to see on their walls”, and it is with this information she starts to create.


BradyRoomFor the “Brady” home we were so excited to partner with her, because to us, this is not just another house in the Parade, it is a home that is very much loved. Adding the art and soul to this home gives it warmth and a personality. It allows all who enter it to not only get a good understanding of all of the incredible features it offers but to get to “know” it also.


Thank you Lisa for sharing your gift with us!