HEALTHY, EFFICIENT HOMES A Different Kind of Builder

Clean, Controlled, Air Flow.
Easton's homes are some of the most efficient and offer the highest air quality.
We Design as a Team and You are an Important Part of that Team.

Easton Construction Home Builders

Quality and Integrity

For all of our custom homes, we use materials that have been tested and proven to maintain integrity long past other less expensive options.

We do not cut corners. The goal is to build you the home of your dreams. The extra time and attention to detail will pay dividends as the years go by.

You will continue to save money on heating and cooling costs and your home will function the same as it did the day you moved in, if not better.

Easton Construction Home Builders

A Passion for Building

Simply stated, building custom homes is what we love to do.

We welcome the challenge that each new home brings and make sure that each step of the custom home building process is carefully attended to.

We continually educate ourselves on new and more efficient building trends to make sure that we can offer the best quality workmanship possible.

Easton Construction Custom Home Kitchen Interior with classic white


We always maintain a high level of professionalism and responsibility in each project.

We use crafts people who consistently provide us with the quality, competitive pricing and timeliness that we require.

Easton Construction Home Builders

The Personal Touch

At Easton Construction, you are not just another customer.

We are excited to work with you and show you how fun it is to build your own, brand new custom home.

We value our relationships with the families we build for, and we want to do nothing less than build them the home of their dreams.

Easton Construction Home Builders

Why Choose an Easton Built Home?

Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes are at least 15% more efficient than code-built new homes, making them some of the most energy efficient homes on the market today. By using less energy, Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes cost less to operate, which means more money in your wallet month after month. Combined with potential higher resale values, Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes represent a smart investment.

The energy used by homes in the U.S. accounts for 20% of total U.S. carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes perform better than standard code-built homes and require less energy for heating, cooling, and hot water. This amounts to reduced air pollution and a healthier environment for everyone.

Enjoy a home with even temperatures throughout the year. Tightly-sealed ductwork, high-performance windows, and properly installed insulation make your home more comfortable year-round.

Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes have healthier indoor air, as performance-tested ductwork keeps the air inside your home clean by reducing the possibility of drawing unwanted air from your home’s attic, basement, crawl spaces and garage. Your builder is building for YOU if they are building Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes.